Marketing, No Money Needed

Bonito Business Club – in one of our always unpredictable live meetings –  discussed brand building and effective actions for enhancing brand value. We agreed that the most important dimensions of brand value are Mission, Promise, Delivery, Originality and Consistency.

Three steps for building a strong brand, requiring investment:

1. Standardize operations and build product and service concepts
2. Create internal powerhouse, critical mass for core operations
3. Be consistently original

Three more steps for building a strong brand, no money needed:

4. Communicate company mission and the importance of all work roles
5. Create positive total experiences for your customers
6. Make the small moments of truth work for you

That’s it for the moment. And follow us to get more. There will be more notes to share from our live meetings. Next meeting will be the 21st time we get together as colleagues, business partners and entrepreneurs.

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