System change

Businesses are hierarchies, not democracies. Business decisions are made by the owners only, not all people. The owners have an unlimited desire to increase their wealth. Over the last few centuries, companies, especially limited liability companies, in their pursue of continuous growth, have exploited the planet, its people, its animals and its nature for the sake of unrestricted economic growth. However, their liability for the damages they have caused to the climate and the environment is all but nonexistent. They are not, at least not yet, obliged to repair the damage they have caused, and if they were to do so, their liability would end in bankruptcy. This arrangement is clearly unreasonable.

It would be great to see Business Decelerators rise in every city. First, the largest companies, especially the oil, coal and gas companies, which operate as the internal combustion engines of the fossil capitalist economy, are brought into the Business Decelerators. The operating logic of a Business Decelerator is very simple: there, the corporate strategies will be readjusted until the businesses only do such activities they can continue to do forever without causing any (more) damage.

We might be able to print money without any limit, but we can’t print new habitats for living creatures, breathable air, or a fair distribution of income once these have been lost.

On the day that the IPCC have released a report warning there’s only a short time to act before the life of millions of people will become significantly more difficult, a quick and short note on how to avoid human suffering on a mass scale: cut back on consumption of material goods, replace with consumption of education and culture. Cut back on steel- and concrete buildings, replace with wood-structured buildings. Cut back on flying and driving, replace with remote access meetings. Demand political change. Act to reduce inequality. Replace growth-oriented economic thinking with sustainable ideas. Leave coal, oil and gas in the ground, replace with renewables. Reform the money system. Introduce a lifetime cap on individual resource usage. Install universal basic income globally.